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Black Russians all round! (Anything happening tomorrow guys?)

I am mourning the loss of one of my belly piercings. =( The one on the right (left if you were looking at me straight on) had migrated quite a way and was beginning to reject so I had to take it out. I know I should take the one opposite it out to make them even, but I can't bring myself to do it... I'm also taking my nipple piercing out at the end of this month so the fistula can heal so I can get them both pierced vertically. Woo! I'm going to start designing my tattoo soon as well. Maybe get my eyebrow redone, if I can afford it.

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With a few moments to spare before the Family Guy episode I was waitingfor loaded, I opened up Wiki in my browser and typed in the first thing I could think of: Livejournal. Most of the article is uninteresting technical facts and dates, but halfway through it talks about journals that have become "infamous", most of them having been written by people who have recently committed murders, or have been murdered. I clicked and read a few of these journals, and found nothing incredible written in them, but it got me thinking. My Livejournal is friends-only, but hypothetically let's imagine it isn't. Suddenly, for some odd reason -hopefully because I have written some massively inspiring music - I become a figure of great interest, and people begin signing onto their computers and visiting this journal in droves. What would they find out about me? I'm not going to go back and read my past entries and I'm certainly not asking anyone else to, but how strange, that there is this piece of me out there, free access for all. Here you go, I sell you my words. I sell you these words. Words fly out of peoples mouths, many to the second, in these condensed little balls of sound, but they are transitory. If I was writing a book that I knew would have a longer lifespan than these ephemeral noises, my words would be chosen very carefully; handpicked, to say exactly what I wanted. But here, we can access these haphazard creations, where even someone with reservations such as I have still has time to throw in some bad grammar, incorrect punctuation, wrong spellings, lowercase i's, even the odd cliché (or not so odd), infrequent bad simile and emotional outburst that suggests some veryfrayed edges! Perhaps even a lack of these things. I can certainly spare some monotony to throw in. There they are, Livejournals, Deadjournals, Wordpresses, Greymatters ... crawling around the internet, fragments of lives in bytes. I wonder what mine says?